XP Deus Review

Finally, I was able to get acquainted with the metal detector XP Deus, which, according to many experienced search engines, is the most modern, lightweight, comfortable, in short, the most advanced device of professional level today.

The First Approximation

Surprisingly, it seems that almost everything that the search engines dreamed about 10 years ago was successfully implemented by XP Metal Detectors in this wonderful device.

The metal detector is manufactured exclusively in France. No part Asian “bungler-Stakhanovites”…

Accordingly, the Assembly and the raw materials themselves are of the highest European quality. You understand it at the level of sensations literally from the first seconds, it is only necessary to take Deus in hand… And in the future only asserted in the thought that your feelings you are not deceived.


The carrier S-shaped upper rod of modern type + middle and lower rod, but nothing needs to be disassembled-assembled every time-telescopic design, however! Preparing the device for operation takes only a couple of seconds.

The weight of the metal detector (slightly less than 1 kg) in the assembled state with the coil and the control unit, I do not know how to say it (weight) is generally not felt by my standards. It is amazing how light and comfortable the device is compared to the absolute majority of known metal detectors.

Of course, an important role is played by the correct weight distribution of the product, the Deus is balanced perfectly, well, a grasping, rubberized handle with a well-calculated angle of inclination affects the ergonomic properties of the device.

Ergonomics 10 points with + out of 10 possible.

There are no wires, there is no anywhere at all and no-XP Deus is completely wireless technology, and the metal detector is equipped with wireless headphones, with which you can adjust a number of settings of the device when the control unit is turned off or even in the absence of it!

There are no delays in the transmission of the audio signal in real-time!

The main control unit the size of a smartphone, weighing only 100 grams, has a magnetic mount and is located on the middle rod, although it can be safely worn on a belt or in a breast pocket, it does not change anything – because there are no wires!

The magnet holds securely-checked.

By the way, on the control unit there is an input for the plug of ordinary (wired) headphones, suddenly someone needs (a small Jack) and a USB port, and this is not a useless show – off, the fact that the manufacturer periodically releases updates (firmware) for Deus and they can be downloaded free of charge from your computer.

One of the main “hotelok” search engines-treasure hunters for many years was the ability to quickly change frequencies in the search process, without disassembling the device, replacing search coils and other difficulties – in XP Deus such an option is present.

4 frequencies are available, namely 4 kHz, 7.8 kHz, 11.7 kHz and 17.7 kHz.

At the same time they do not work, only each separately!

It seemed to me the most versatile on the depth of detection on different types of goals frequency 11.7 kHz, it mostly worked. But there is a nuance, I used a little bit adapted to the search site preset factory programs, and creating their own programs, under specific conditions and tasks will certainly be useful news range of proposed frequencies.

Search Programs

Only pre-installed search programs in XP Deus, if I’m not mistaken, 9 pieces, but still have the opportunity to create custom, unique programs, changing the factory programs to your own taste.

For example – users who purchase Deus worked with XP metal detectors G-Maxx or XP Gold Maxx Power can start to use the software (simulator) XP Deus repeating these devices, changing any settings at will from my side. Well, of course there are exclusive pre-installed programs XP Deus.

Further, using the “Expert” menu button, we get the opportunity to fine-tune various parameters of the device.

Generally “cheat” in the XP Deus can be anything you want, discrimination, sensitivity, etc… Even for ground balancing there are several modes: automatic, manual, beach, semi-automatic.

In short, the flexibility of the settings with this metal detector, few people can at least just compare, not to mention to compete on an equal footing.

The advantages of such flexibility in place and the search criteria is clear, but what about those who are still little sense in all of those menu-submenu-responsiveness-tone identification etc? I will say – do not worry!

With XP Deus it is possible to be trained in an excellent way, on an old, kind method – from simple to difficult, since factory programs. And gradually, as you study the device, accumulate information and understand the General principles of metal detection to make the device more and more effective in any type of search.

Metal detector XP Deus differs instant response from the target and perfectly highlights the useful signals among the signals from the metal debris-was convinced more than once! Tenacity and division goals for heights.

On a littered plot – a story.

Quickly enough the understanding of voice, iron is almost not dig, tools to customize how responses from iron, and the right goals “above the roof”. In addition, there is also a visualization of the detected objects on the display, i.e. VDI numbers, and identifies XP Deus targets very accurately.

For example, I went mostly for the set “default” discrimination 10, although many experienced Deposada exhibit considerably smaller values of this parameter, and the acceleration sensitivity also abstained, while…

Friend (pictured), on the contrary, the level of discrimination is minimized, and apparently this has pulled a couple of pretty deep targets (trash), because listening to each signal.


Interesting and unusual design move, the XP Deus is required to separately charge the coil, control unit and headphones, i.e. on Board three self-contained charger module.

In the complete set of three options of chargers: stationary (from the network), automobile (from the cigarette lighter in the car) and emergency (mobile charger) by means of which it is possible to charge either one of modules, or all three little by little in field conditions.

It is necessary to take into account that at some settings of the device accumulators land slightly quicker, but on full day of searches (about 10 hours) all the same suffices.

Search coil for the XP Deus metal detector with a diameter of 22.5 cm and 28 cm of water are not afraid, they are sealed.


XP DEUS-a very interesting detector and take it, if possible, is unambiguous. Requires careful study and a serious, thoughtful approach to development. There are a lot of opportunities inherent in XP Deus, you only need to learn how to use them correctly.

I, of course, had to hear that the metal detector XP Deus is very complicated in the settings – I do not think so. Another thing to learn, to make the most of its potential, then Yes, it will take time. The main thing to learn this device, not sitting at the computer, and in a real search and I think everything will turn out.

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