There are a few metal detecting tips that may give you some help. If you are new to metal detecting, I suggest that you think about joining a metal detecting club. You can learn a lot from the other members. This is also a great way to make new friends.

Check your local area for metal detecting or treasure hunting clubs. If you don’t have a partner to hunt with, joining a club is a great solution. Metal detecting is a great hobby. What can be more fun than finding buried treasure?

Treasure Hunting With Metal Detectors

As you hunt, you will also find a lot of trash, like junk metal. Most of the detectors made today have some discrimination and screens so you can see what’s under the ground. It’s a good idea to take a bag to put trash in so it will not get in the way.

What you find depends on where you go. If you live near a beach, that is a great place to hunt. Coins and rings are always lost there. It’s also a great place to hunt after a storm. There are a lot of sunken ships that have treasure still on them.

Under Water Beach Metal Detecting

Some of it gets washed ashore after it storms. If you live in an area of the country that had civil war troops around, chances are there are relics still under the ground. You can search your area on the net to find this information. If you can discover an encampment site, this would be a great place to do some metaldetecting.

Picnic grounds and ball fields are another great place to hunt. Check under bleachers and around benches. Take a drive out in the country. Look for old deserted houses and old foundations where a house once stood.

I did not know this!

People used to bury coins in jars on their property years ago. You can find some great old coins and other relics at sites like this. If you’ve been to a site that you think is hunted out, go back after it rains. The ground will be soft and can yield more finds.

Two very important tips, don’t go on someone’s property without permission, and always fill in the holes you have dug. I hope these metal detecting tips help you in your treasure hunt.

Things To Think

About going out to do some metal detecting can present some issues most people tend to not think about. For example, if you’re going out into a wooded area, make sure you take along something to keep the bugs away. You don’t want your metal detecting excursion to end with you being covered in bug bites. The following article is more metal detecting tips that can make life a little easier when you are out detecting Investing in a backpack can be a great addition to to your gear. This way you can carry the items you need when you are not near your vehicle. Items like bottled water, snacks, and small digging tools make a backpack a necessity for most treasure hunters. Most importantly, don’t forget the tp. Find a good tree limb to hang the backpack on. It’s better than leaving it on the ground and can help keep out unwanted pests.

Don’t Get Wet

Weather can be hard to predict, so you might want to take along a rain poncho. Baggies can help protect the meter if you get caught in a shower. Army camo pants and a fishing vest are two examples of something to carry your finds in. Other items you may consider include a flashlight, magnifying glass, duct or electrical tape, camera, gloves and kneepads. Waterproof boots work well with this kind of hobby. If you are alone, make sure you take your cell phone with you. Now for the no-brainers. Always carry extra batteries. To me, this is a must. Make sure you have something to put trash in. A basic first aid kit is also recommended. A gallon of water and some old towels or a roll of paper towels should be left in the vehicle to help clean your equipment before you head home with your treasures. Remember, don’t leave your detector in a hot car and take the batteries out after each use. You don’t want the batteries to leak.