Makro Multi Kruzer is a novelty 2018, the year of the company Makro Metal Detectors. Turkish devices have repeatedly proven to be a good side and have a good popularity among treasure hunters. This model is another proof that Makro metal detectors are a strong competitor in the market of metal detectors.
Overview of Makro Multi Kruzer metal detector-appearance

This model has acquired new features that are not typical of the previous generation of Macro devices. The overall color scheme of the device remained in black. Brand new control unit and function buttons. The display menu has some similarities with the Racer, but still looks new. VDI-number now has an additional scale in the form of a semicircle and the menu options are located on the sides.

It should be noted the new armrest, not like the previous one. The first thing that catches the eye-is the lack of a battery compartment. The notion of “batteries” at all is missing as such. The new model is armed with a built-in battery. Given this fact, in the kit You get a charging cable and charger (the block).

Another important point is the possibility of charging from external devices such as Power bank. This is possible thanks to the USB cable that is used to charge the device.

Although the armrest does not have a built-in battery compartment, the manufacturer provides an additional opportunity to buy an external battery compartment for 4 AA batteries. This accessory is provided with a special mount on the bottom of the armrest.

Makro Multi Kruzer

Coil size is 11*7 inches, made in a classic Makro style.

A nice addition is the wireless headphones equipped with a built-in battery. Cable to charge the headset is also present. You can also buy waterproof headphones optional.
Features of the metal detector Makro Multi Kruzer

Many treasure hunters want to buy a metal detector Makro Multi Kruzer considering a number of advantages:

  • IP68 protection – the possibility of immersion in water up to 5 meters;
  • Multi-frequency-switching capability: 5 / 14 / 19 kHz;
  • The balance of the soil: Manual / Automatic / Auto-tracking;
  • Pinpointer;
  • 6 operation modes: All metals / 2 tones / 3 tones / 4 tones / Beach / Deep;
  • The display closer to the goal;
  • Wireless headphone;
  • Ability to update software;
  • Vibro-identification mode;
  • Volume setting;
  • Adjusting the backlight;
  • The ability to save the settings;
  • Built-in rechargeable battery 3700 mAh.

Complete set of the metal detector:

  • Metal detector;
  • 11*7 inch coil;
  • Wireless headphone;
  • Charger with cable;
  • Headphone charging cable;
  • Fastening elements;
  • Instruction;
  • 2 year warranty.

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