Fisher F75 Review

Fischer always made the devices interesting and productive. At the same time, for example in Russia, they did not even make large advertising companies – devices advertised themselves, finds and characteristics, and therefore among the search engines have always been “on the lips.”

That’s what happened to me. In search of” something new”, I once again began to look closely at different metal detectors from the professional segment. And my old Signum 7270 in principle, I arranged everything, but wanted to move on and explore new models. As a result, the choice fell on Fisher F75. I often saw him in the hands of professionals with whom it was possible to meet on the field, and among friends was an experienced search engine that gave him the highest ratings. To compare the characteristics before the purchase, I did not see much sense – I know for a long time, the device reveals itself by finds, not by air depth tests. In the device, a set of properties is important, not just one indicator. So, the choice is made-the device in hand.

Fisher F75

Acquaintance with Fisher F75, which took place at the beginning of this search season, was surprisingly fruitful, and we quickly became friends. It only took me a couple of days to understand the basics of his work and sound, although I was afraid of a longer habituation. So that, the search engines with experience treatment with other apparatus can not pass through, and here is indeed will have a bit develop patience. The settings are quite simple-the main thing to learn how to listen to the detector. But the result will please everyone!

Now, we have a whole season of searching with Fisher 75 and I would like to share my impressions about it. I think they will be useful for those who have the task of buying a professional detector and who are eyeing this model.

Noisiness. Many probably heard that the F75 is considered a “noisy” (in terms of sound) metal detector, compared to some others. Heard about it and I, and was a little afraid of it before a choice. Yes, indeed, Fisher’s more “vociferous”, but to get used to his sound personally, I have not made up any work. His sounds are sharp and piercing, but do not hit much on the ears. And the sensitivity is impressive for a small order and large coins. A clear coin signal can not be missed and confused. And its great sound saturation is not just a result of the high sensitivity of the device and does not interfere with the search for a professional. I would also note that the detector has modes that contribute to a more comfortable search (for example DE). More sounds are observed mainly in the most sensitive mode-JE. But believe me, it’s worth it, the depth and speed are very impressive!


Discrimination and identification of metals. Everything is just great. The accuracy of the definition of rusty iron pleases. At the end of the season noticed that unlike many friends, digging a lot less iron junk. Sometimes I dig up sometimes questionable signals, but with great confidence that there is iron. Most often it is the shards of flat round shape, the pieces of the pot for example, that’s the problem. In the end we can say that the accuracy rate of determining of rusty iron from the F75 on top.

Work on the”trash”. Here is perhaps for that I even more liked F75. There are few devices who can so quickly snatch out signals on completely littered with iron site. I became even more inclined to search for such sites, because many people pass them by, leaving findings. Very productive and turns to look near the existing villages, finding a suitable clearing in 20-30 metres from the edge of the village, where a lot of garbage, but a lot of finds. For example, this fall we often went to the Tula and Tver regions in search of where the main place was littered with iron signals. Among them I was able to raise and scales and small crosses and other coins of small denomination, while colleagues and friends with surprise and some envy looked at me. A good friend of mine even after the sight changed his Terra 705 on the F75.

Fisher’s speed is the argument for everyone else. It instantly processes signals and outputs them with sound, managing to process them in any quantity and at any speed of wiring. Due to the speed he manages to snatch signals and among the iron debris of high density. Speed few can match the Fishers!

Ergonomics and convenience. Another trump Fisher – all thought out to the smallest detail! Convenient and multifunctional buttons allow you to quickly change the settings if necessary. The running time from a set of 4-finger batteries just surprises me so far. For 2 weeks a COP on vacation, i.e. daily search, I spent only 3 sets of batteries. Separately, I note, perhaps the best balance of the device by weight, it is so light, and due to its layout in the hands of both a feather and a whole day of light search hand never gets tired!


What can I say-they are pleasing. F75 great finds and the larger coin and metal and of course a trifle. Finding scales has become a regular, as well as pleasing buttons, crosses and coins of small caliber. In General, Fischer here simply brilliant! At the same time, he catches large nickels “with a Bang”, raising them very deeply.
The frequency of the device-13 kHz, on the one hand perfectly manifests itself to find just small things, but Fisher F75 is not a simple device, so do not think that large targets he will see worse. In any soil he sees well and very deeply. For military history search I would not recommend, but to search for the antiquity of any caliber –he’s one of the leaders!

A typical departure to the littered place near the village in the Tver region, which we beat out with friends for 3 years!!!

However, the finds from the Tula region with the meta of the former village, where even on weekdays 2-3 companies come and surfat and combed, but Fisher knows his stuff:

Functional. Of course one season, even a person with experience, not enough to study the device thoroughly. So I continue to study this metal detector. Next season I want to learn more about the additional search programs (modes) that are available on Board the detector. In General, I note that the functionality is sufficient for any professional tasks. There is a mode to search for plowing, there are quieter modes. There is a “all metals” mode, which I usually use when exploring places, passing long distances.

Disadvantages. They were almost gone for me. In the end, “noise” of the instrument not the disadvantage, which is worth special attention. If you want a quiet casual search – Then you will fit the device average and average prices, everything will be quiet and calm. And if you’re looking at a professional deep detector, be prepared for high sensitivity with some side effects. Still sometimes there are problems to make the balance of the soil on the machine in a strong littered places. But this is not very annoying, as with aka devices sometimes had to look to the side clean area. But the balance of the soil “does not creep” and it does not need to be done as often as on other devices.

Summary: to say that I’m happy with the metal detector Fisher F75 – is to say nothing. He is a true professional, comfortable and thoughtful! I definitely will not change it. Having got used to it for a season, I received excellent efficiency of good finds, accuracy and convenience. And my collection of scales, cushions and small metal considerably enlarged.

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