5 Useful Metal Detecting Tips

There are a few metal detecting tips that may give you some help. If you are new to metal detecting, I suggest that you think about joining a metal detecting club. You can learn a lot from the other members. This is also a great way to make new friends.

Check your local area for metal detecting or treasure hunting clubs. If you don’t have a partner to hunt with, joining a club is a great solution. Metal detecting is a great hobby. What can be more fun than finding buried treasure? P.S. Dont forget metal detector pinpointer!

Treasure Hunting With Metal Detectors

As you hunt, you will also find a lot of trash, like junk metal. Most of the detectors made today have some discrimination and screens so you can see what’s under the ground. It’s a good idea to take a bag to put trash in so it will not get in the way.

What you find depends on where you go. If you live near a beach, that is a great place to hunt. Coins and rings are always lost there. It’s also a great place to hunt after a storm. There are a lot of sunken ships that have treasure still on them.

Under Water Beach Metal Detecting

Some of it gets washed ashore after it storms. If you live in an area of the country that had civil war troops around, chances are there are relics still under the ground. You can search your area on the net to find this information. If you can discover an encampment site, this would be a great place to do some metaldetecting.

Picnic grounds and ball fields are another great place to hunt. Check under bleachers and around benches. Take a drive out in the country. Look for old deserted houses and old foundations where a house once stood.

I did not know this!

People used to bury coins in jars on their property years ago. You can find some great old coins and other relics at sites like this. If you’ve been to a site that you think is hunted out, go back after it rains. The ground will be soft and can yield more finds.

Two very important tips, don’t go on someone’s property without permission, and always fill in the holes you have dug. I hope these metal detecting tips help you in your treasure hunt.

Things To Think

About going out to do some metal detecting can present some issues most people tend to not think about. For example, if you’re going out into a wooded area, make sure you take along something to keep the bugs away. You don’t want your metal detecting excursion to end with you being covered in bug bites. The following article is more metal detecting tips that can make life a little easier when you are out detecting Investing in a backpack can be a great addition to to your gear. This way you can carry the items you need when you are not near your vehicle. Items like bottled water, snacks, and small digging tools make a backpack a necessity for most treasure hunters. Most importantly, don’t forget the tp. Find a good tree limb to hang the backpack on. It’s better than leaving it on the ground and can help keep out unwanted pests.

Don’t Get Wet

Weather can be hard to predict, so you might want to take along a rain poncho. Baggies can help protect the meter if you get caught in a shower. Army camo pants and a fishing vest are two examples of something to carry your finds in. Other items you may consider include a flashlight, magnifying glass, duct or electrical tape, camera, gloves and kneepads. Waterproof boots work well with this kind of hobby. If you are alone, make sure you take your cell phone with you. Now for the no-brainers. Always carry extra batteries. To me, this is a must. Make sure you have something to put trash in. A basic first aid kit is also recommended. A gallon of water and some old towels or a roll of paper towels should be left in the vehicle to help clean your equipment before you head home with your treasures. Remember, don’t leave your detector in a hot car and take the batteries out after each use. You don’t want the batteries to leak.

How To Buy Metal Detector? Buyers Guide

Metal detector is a device which is used for identifying metal objects. Metal detector is a great tool that is used in schools, airports, government agencies, official buildings and railway stations to ensure security. Metal detector review helps to find out the best detectors according to the users need. It will help to provide detail information about various detectors manufacturers, models, design and price.

Metal Detector Reviews

Metal detector is very popular among adults and children. It is a wonderful device for outdoor hobbyists, coin collectors, amateur archaeologists, beach combers, treasure hunters and history buffs. A metal detector also provides information about historic elements such as coins, relics and jewelry. There are many companies who manufacture metal detectors of various models and designs which are especially designed for different purposes. There are metal detectors for beginners who are only interested in hunting coins or relics as well as all-purpose metal detectors for advanced professionals. There are various brands of metal detectors available:

  • Bounty Hunter
  • Garrett
  • Minelab
  • White’s electronics
  • Tesoro
  • Fisher
  • XP metal detectors

Beginners Metal Detectors

Metal detectors for beginners are very easy to use. They can be used on lands, woods, and playgrounds and even inside water. Some of the metal detectors which are perfect for beginners are: Garrett Ace 250, Minelab Musketeer, Bounty Hunter Tracker, and Whites Prizm II and many more. These entire metal detectors are most popular detectors for beginners and can be easily affordable.

All-purpose Metal detectors

All purpose metal detectors are especially designed for detecting gold, coins, and relics underwater up to the depths of 200 ft. These are the most versatile and popular metal detectors which are very easy to operate. Some of the most popular detectors in this category includes: Minelab Equinox 600, Garrett Ace 400, Bounty Hunter 505 and White Classic 51.D metal detectors.

How metal detector works

A metal detector consists of an oscillator that produces an alternating current which passes through the coil and produces an alternating magnetic field. If a piece of electric metal is close to the coil, then eddy current induced in the metal and produces an alternating magnetic field. If other coil is used for detecting magnetic field then change in the magnetic field which occurs due to the metallic objects is detected.

How to buy Metal detectors

In order to buy a best metal detector, it is important to know metal detector reviews about each brand and models and their related features such as alerts, detection mode, depth, weight, sensitivity, battery life and price that meet your requirements as different metal detectors are designed for different detecting activities.

Minelab EQUINOX 600 and 800 Comparison

At the moment, I see a little confusion about the differences between the Minelab EQUINOX 600 and 800. I also see that the EQUINOX 600 gets less attention, as it’s not a ” top ” model, which in my opinion is unfair. I hope that I will be able to explain this confusion further and prove that the model EQUINOX 600 deserves close attention of treasure hunters.

The first and most obvious difference is the package in the box. 800 EQUINOX comes with Bluetooth headphones and wireless module WM 08, and EQUINOX 600 with wired headphones but accessories can be added to the EQUINOX 600, if you need it. In fact, most popular Bluetooth headphones that are sold in stores will work with any of the metal detectors EQUINOX.

Once you’ve looked at the “various accessories”, you can understand that the EQUINOX 600 is an EQUINOX 800 with a simplified set of features. However, the EQUINOX 600 has not been specifically simplified, moreover, EQUINOX 600 and EQUINOX 800 configured the same way will have the same performance under the same conditions.

A large number of rumors, generating confusion, associated with the new multi-frequency technology Multi-IQ from Minelab and frequencies that are used by metal detectors. EQUINOX 600 is limited to single frequencies 5 kHz, 10 kHz and 15 kHz, while the EQUINOX also offers 800 of them, plus additional higher frequencies of 20 kHz and 40 kHz.

This does not mean that 600 does not use the multi-frequency range that is available 800. Operation in the “Multi” mode is identical in the two models and provides the same signal to the target in the “Park”, “Field”, “Beach”modes. The real magic of the EQUINOX is the Multi-IQ (instead of separate frequencies), so you can be sure that EQUINOX 600 is same as the EQUINOX 800 in this regard.

EQUINOX 800 has one search mode, which does not have 600 EQUINOX – Gold. This mode is designed to improve the performance of the search for small gold nuggets in mineralized soil. “Gold” is of interest to miners, but can also be used for other purposes. Moreover, in the Multi-IQ mode profiles “Park 2” or “Field 2” are also good, and are perfect for finding gold nuggets – in General, they are much better than the search modes for many specialized single-frequency metal detectors to search for gold. These two profiles are identical on the two models EQUINOX. And as a prospector, I’d say I had no trouble finding gold nuggets with the EQUINOX 600. People who regularly search for gold nuggets are likely to want the EQUINOX 800. If, however, the search for gold nuggets you go once a year, the EQUINOX 600 will be just.

The other big difference between EQUINOX and EQUINOX 600 800 is a menu “Advanced settings” available on EQUINOX 800. These settings allow you to fine-tune the different settings that both models have.

Both “Equinox” have automatic noise reduction, but the 800 also has a manual setting. If you are looking for areas with high levels of electrical interference (EMF) or near other metal detectors, this will be useful when choosing the most quiet settings with minimal interference. At the same time, automatic noise reduction works fine, and most treasure hunters will never use manual at all.

EQUINOX 600 is a wide range of volume settings and tone, including modes 1, 2, 5 and 50 tones. The point at which the sound of “Chernin” becomes the sound of “nonferrous metal”, can be joined, as well as to adjust the volume of the iron. EQUINOX 800 adds the ability to shift the sound of categories of color targets and change the sound to them, which is useful for those who prefer to search by ear. This option will help people with some hearing loss in a certain sound range.

However, all these tone and volume settings do not affect the main power or detection depth of both models. I’ll admit that although I like them all, I didn’t really use them because the Minelab’s preset parameters are so good that I had nothing to worry about.

EQUINOX 600 has three levels of target extraction Speed (recovery rate). EQUINOX 800 has eight levels for more fine-tuning in the most demanding scenarios such as “carpet of nails”. Low values are needed to search for very deep targets, separating closely spaced objects is not very. High values provide excellent separation, but the perception of very deep goals becomes more complex. Use the value as low as possible to achieve the desired level of goal separation. The Iron indicator also has the same differences of 600 and 800.

Again, worth repeating, that the Advanced settings in the first place, offer an additional degree of control over the parameters used in the EQUINOX 600, and 800 EQUINOX. EQUINOX 600 have the same parameters, but slightly simplified.

EQUINOX 800 has a “Profile” button that allows the user to go directly to the selection of an alternative search mode. EQUINOX and on the 600 it will have to press a few buttons. For example, to get from “Park 1” to “Beach 1”, you need four clicks “search Mode”. The EQUINOX 800 user can program an additional user profile to go into one click. It’s just an element of convenience.

EQUINOX 600 allows you to turn the backlight on or off. EQUINOX 800 has several levels of illumination: Low, Medium, High or Off. This is of interest only for very fastidious users.

As for the price difference, buyers of the EQUINOX 600 will probably save enough to buy an extra coil. It can be argued that in many situations EQUINOX 600 with two coils would provide a clear advantage over the EQUINOX 800 with only one coil EQX 11.

The EQUINOX 600 is a really great metal detector that has even more features than most other metal detectors. Hardcore search engines that crave the extra features of the 800 model usually know why they’re needed. But the main thing is that both models are equally powerful and equally well define the vast majority of goals.

Makro Multi Kruzer Review

Makro Multi Kruzer is a novelty 2018, the year of the company Makro Metal Detectors. Turkish devices have repeatedly proven to be a good side and have a good popularity among treasure hunters. This model is another proof that Makro metal detectors are a strong competitor in the market of metal detectors.
Overview of Makro Multi Kruzer metal detector-appearance

This model has acquired new features that are not typical of the previous generation of Macro devices. The overall color scheme of the device remained in black. Brand new control unit and function buttons. The display menu has some similarities with the Racer, but still looks new. VDI-number now has an additional scale in the form of a semicircle and the menu options are located on the sides.

It should be noted the new armrest, not like the previous one. The first thing that catches the eye-is the lack of a battery compartment. The notion of “batteries” at all is missing as such. The new model is armed with a built-in battery. Given this fact, in the kit You get a charging cable and charger (the block).

Another important point is the possibility of charging from external devices such as Power bank. This is possible thanks to the USB cable that is used to charge the device.

Although the armrest does not have a built-in battery compartment, the manufacturer provides an additional opportunity to buy an external battery compartment for 4 AA batteries. This accessory is provided with a special mount on the bottom of the armrest.

Makro Multi Kruzer

Coil size is 11*7 inches, made in a classic Makro style.

A nice addition is the wireless headphones equipped with a built-in battery. Cable to charge the headset is also present. You can also buy waterproof headphones optional.
Features of the metal detector Makro Multi Kruzer

Many treasure hunters want to buy a metal detector Makro Multi Kruzer considering a number of advantages:

  • IP68 protection – the possibility of immersion in water up to 5 meters;
  • Multi-frequency-switching capability: 5 / 14 / 19 kHz;
  • The balance of the soil: Manual / Automatic / Auto-tracking;
  • Pinpointer;
  • 6 operation modes: All metals / 2 tones / 3 tones / 4 tones / Beach / Deep;
  • The display closer to the goal;
  • Wireless headphone;
  • Ability to update software;
  • Vibro-identification mode;
  • Volume setting;
  • Adjusting the backlight;
  • The ability to save the settings;
  • Built-in rechargeable battery 3700 mAh.

Complete set of the metal detector:

  • Metal detector;
  • 11*7 inch coil;
  • Wireless headphone;
  • Charger with cable;
  • Headphone charging cable;
  • Fastening elements;
  • Instruction;
  • 2 year warranty.

To buy a metal detector Makro Multi Kruzer at the output price in our online store. Free shipping and payment on delivery are guaranteed. You also get free advice on setting up and working with a metal detector.

XP Deus Review

Finally, I was able to get acquainted with the metal detector XP Deus, which, according to many experienced search engines, is the most modern, lightweight, comfortable, in short, the most advanced device of professional level today.

The First Approximation

Surprisingly, it seems that almost everything that the search engines dreamed about 10 years ago was successfully implemented by XP Metal Detectors in this wonderful device.

The metal detector is manufactured exclusively in France. No part Asian “bungler-Stakhanovites”…

Accordingly, the Assembly and the raw materials themselves are of the highest European quality. You understand it at the level of sensations literally from the first seconds, it is only necessary to take Deus in hand… And in the future only asserted in the thought that your feelings you are not deceived.


The carrier S-shaped upper rod of modern type + middle and lower rod, but nothing needs to be disassembled-assembled every time-telescopic design, however! Preparing the device for operation takes only a couple of seconds.

The weight of the metal detector (slightly less than 1 kg) in the assembled state with the coil and the control unit, I do not know how to say it (weight) is generally not felt by my standards. It is amazing how light and comfortable the device is compared to the absolute majority of known metal detectors.

Of course, an important role is played by the correct weight distribution of the product, the Deus is balanced perfectly, well, a grasping, rubberized handle with a well-calculated angle of inclination affects the ergonomic properties of the device.

Ergonomics 10 points with + out of 10 possible.

There are no wires, there is no anywhere at all and no-XP Deus is completely wireless technology, and the metal detector is equipped with wireless headphones, with which you can adjust a number of settings of the device when the control unit is turned off or even in the absence of it!

There are no delays in the transmission of the audio signal in real-time!

The main control unit the size of a smartphone, weighing only 100 grams, has a magnetic mount and is located on the middle rod, although it can be safely worn on a belt or in a breast pocket, it does not change anything – because there are no wires!

The magnet holds securely-checked.

By the way, on the control unit there is an input for the plug of ordinary (wired) headphones, suddenly someone needs (a small Jack) and a USB port, and this is not a useless show – off, the fact that the manufacturer periodically releases updates (firmware) for Deus and they can be downloaded free of charge from your computer.

One of the main “hotelok” search engines-treasure hunters for many years was the ability to quickly change frequencies in the search process, without disassembling the device, replacing search coils and other difficulties – in XP Deus such an option is present.

4 frequencies are available, namely 4 kHz, 7.8 kHz, 11.7 kHz and 17.7 kHz.

At the same time they do not work, only each separately!

It seemed to me the most versatile on the depth of detection on different types of goals frequency 11.7 kHz, it mostly worked. But there is a nuance, I used a little bit adapted to the search site preset factory programs, and creating their own programs, under specific conditions and tasks will certainly be useful news range of proposed frequencies.

Search Programs

Only pre-installed search programs in XP Deus, if I’m not mistaken, 9 pieces, but still have the opportunity to create custom, unique programs, changing the factory programs to your own taste.

For example – users who purchase Deus worked with XP metal detectors G-Maxx or XP Gold Maxx Power can start to use the software (simulator) XP Deus repeating these devices, changing any settings at will from my side. Well, of course there are exclusive pre-installed programs XP Deus.

Further, using the “Expert” menu button, we get the opportunity to fine-tune various parameters of the device.

Generally “cheat” in the XP Deus can be anything you want, discrimination, sensitivity, etc… Even for ground balancing there are several modes: automatic, manual, beach, semi-automatic.

In short, the flexibility of the settings with this metal detector, few people can at least just compare, not to mention to compete on an equal footing.

The advantages of such flexibility in place and the search criteria is clear, but what about those who are still little sense in all of those menu-submenu-responsiveness-tone identification etc? I will say – do not worry!

With XP Deus it is possible to be trained in an excellent way, on an old, kind method – from simple to difficult, since factory programs. And gradually, as you study the device, accumulate information and understand the General principles of metal detection to make the device more and more effective in any type of search.

Metal detector XP Deus differs instant response from the target and perfectly highlights the useful signals among the signals from the metal debris-was convinced more than once! Tenacity and division goals for heights.

On a littered plot – a story.

Quickly enough the understanding of voice, iron is almost not dig, tools to customize how responses from iron, and the right goals “above the roof”. In addition, there is also a visualization of the detected objects on the display, i.e. VDI numbers, and identifies XP Deus targets very accurately.

For example, I went mostly for the set “default” discrimination 10, although many experienced Deposada exhibit considerably smaller values of this parameter, and the acceleration sensitivity also abstained, while…

Friend (pictured), on the contrary, the level of discrimination is minimized, and apparently this has pulled a couple of pretty deep targets (trash), because listening to each signal.


Interesting and unusual design move, the XP Deus is required to separately charge the coil, control unit and headphones, i.e. on Board three self-contained charger module.

In the complete set of three options of chargers: stationary (from the network), automobile (from the cigarette lighter in the car) and emergency (mobile charger) by means of which it is possible to charge either one of modules, or all three little by little in field conditions.

It is necessary to take into account that at some settings of the device accumulators land slightly quicker, but on full day of searches (about 10 hours) all the same suffices.

Search coil for the XP Deus metal detector with a diameter of 22.5 cm and 28 cm of water are not afraid, they are sealed.


XP DEUS-a very interesting detector and take it, if possible, is unambiguous. Requires careful study and a serious, thoughtful approach to development. There are a lot of opportunities inherent in XP Deus, you only need to learn how to use them correctly.

I, of course, had to hear that the metal detector XP Deus is very complicated in the settings – I do not think so. Another thing to learn, to make the most of its potential, then Yes, it will take time. The main thing to learn this device, not sitting at the computer, and in a real search and I think everything will turn out.

Fisher F75 Review

Fischer always made the devices interesting and productive. At the same time, for example in Russia, they did not even make large advertising companies – devices advertised themselves, finds and characteristics, and therefore among the search engines have always been “on the lips.”

That’s what happened to me. In search of” something new”, I once again began to look closely at different metal detectors from the professional segment. And my old Signum 7270 in principle, I arranged everything, but wanted to move on and explore new models. As a result, the choice fell on Fisher F75. I often saw him in the hands of professionals with whom it was possible to meet on the field, and among friends was an experienced search engine that gave him the highest ratings. To compare the characteristics before the purchase, I did not see much sense – I know for a long time, the device reveals itself by finds, not by air depth tests. In the device, a set of properties is important, not just one indicator. So, the choice is made-the device in hand.

Fisher F75

Acquaintance with Fisher F75, which took place at the beginning of this search season, was surprisingly fruitful, and we quickly became friends. It only took me a couple of days to understand the basics of his work and sound, although I was afraid of a longer habituation. So that, the search engines with experience treatment with other apparatus can not pass through, and here is indeed will have a bit develop patience. The settings are quite simple-the main thing to learn how to listen to the detector. But the result will please everyone!

Now, we have a whole season of searching with Fisher 75 and I would like to share my impressions about it. I think they will be useful for those who have the task of buying a professional detector and who are eyeing this model.

Noisiness. Many probably heard that the F75 is considered a “noisy” (in terms of sound) metal detector, compared to some others. Heard about it and I, and was a little afraid of it before a choice. Yes, indeed, Fisher’s more “vociferous”, but to get used to his sound personally, I have not made up any work. His sounds are sharp and piercing, but do not hit much on the ears. And the sensitivity is impressive for a small order and large coins. A clear coin signal can not be missed and confused. And its great sound saturation is not just a result of the high sensitivity of the device and does not interfere with the search for a professional. I would also note that the detector has modes that contribute to a more comfortable search (for example DE). More sounds are observed mainly in the most sensitive mode-JE. But believe me, it’s worth it, the depth and speed are very impressive!


Discrimination and identification of metals. Everything is just great. The accuracy of the definition of rusty iron pleases. At the end of the season noticed that unlike many friends, digging a lot less iron junk. Sometimes I dig up sometimes questionable signals, but with great confidence that there is iron. Most often it is the shards of flat round shape, the pieces of the pot for example, that’s the problem. In the end we can say that the accuracy rate of determining of rusty iron from the F75 on top.

Work on the”trash”. Here is perhaps for that I even more liked F75. There are few devices who can so quickly snatch out signals on completely littered with iron site. I became even more inclined to search for such sites, because many people pass them by, leaving findings. Very productive and turns to look near the existing villages, finding a suitable clearing in 20-30 metres from the edge of the village, where a lot of garbage, but a lot of finds. For example, this fall we often went to the Tula and Tver regions in search of where the main place was littered with iron signals. Among them I was able to raise and scales and small crosses and other coins of small denomination, while colleagues and friends with surprise and some envy looked at me. A good friend of mine even after the sight changed his Terra 705 on the F75.

Fisher’s speed is the argument for everyone else. It instantly processes signals and outputs them with sound, managing to process them in any quantity and at any speed of wiring. Due to the speed he manages to snatch signals and among the iron debris of high density. Speed few can match the Fishers!

Ergonomics and convenience. Another trump Fisher – all thought out to the smallest detail! Convenient and multifunctional buttons allow you to quickly change the settings if necessary. The running time from a set of 4-finger batteries just surprises me so far. For 2 weeks a COP on vacation, i.e. daily search, I spent only 3 sets of batteries. Separately, I note, perhaps the best balance of the device by weight, it is so light, and due to its layout in the hands of both a feather and a whole day of light search hand never gets tired!


What can I say-they are pleasing. F75 great finds and the larger coin and metal and of course a trifle. Finding scales has become a regular, as well as pleasing buttons, crosses and coins of small caliber. In General, Fischer here simply brilliant! At the same time, he catches large nickels “with a Bang”, raising them very deeply.
The frequency of the device-13 kHz, on the one hand perfectly manifests itself to find just small things, but Fisher F75 is not a simple device, so do not think that large targets he will see worse. In any soil he sees well and very deeply. For military history search I would not recommend, but to search for the antiquity of any caliber –he’s one of the leaders!

A typical departure to the littered place near the village in the Tver region, which we beat out with friends for 3 years!!!

However, the finds from the Tula region with the meta of the former village, where even on weekdays 2-3 companies come and surfat and combed, but Fisher knows his stuff:

Functional. Of course one season, even a person with experience, not enough to study the device thoroughly. So I continue to study this metal detector. Next season I want to learn more about the additional search programs (modes) that are available on Board the detector. In General, I note that the functionality is sufficient for any professional tasks. There is a mode to search for plowing, there are quieter modes. There is a “all metals” mode, which I usually use when exploring places, passing long distances.

Disadvantages. They were almost gone for me. In the end, “noise” of the instrument not the disadvantage, which is worth special attention. If you want a quiet casual search – Then you will fit the device average and average prices, everything will be quiet and calm. And if you’re looking at a professional deep detector, be prepared for high sensitivity with some side effects. Still sometimes there are problems to make the balance of the soil on the machine in a strong littered places. But this is not very annoying, as with aka devices sometimes had to look to the side clean area. But the balance of the soil “does not creep” and it does not need to be done as often as on other devices.

Summary: to say that I’m happy with the metal detector Fisher F75 – is to say nothing. He is a true professional, comfortable and thoughtful! I definitely will not change it. Having got used to it for a season, I received excellent efficiency of good finds, accuracy and convenience. And my collection of scales, cushions and small metal considerably enlarged.